Line semi-permanent make-up center in Gangnam specializes in semi-permanent makeup with natural eyebrow tattoos and different dimensions. We promise hygienic and safe procedures with a dermatologist and a collaborative system We have experience of international business trip and show.

Currently the FDA does not test or screen the content of either traditional tattoo pigment or the pigment used in permanent makeup and restorative/areola tattooing. In contrast the Council of Europe (CoE), the governing body for the European Union, is more diligent about monitoring and regulating tattoo pigment. In 2003 a comprehensive list was compiled by the CoE of cosmetic colorants that have been identified as potential carcinogenic, mutagenic or reprotoxic substances. Many of these colorants are banned for use in cosmetics due to these associated risks (ResAP, 2008). Considering this list in terms of colorants used in tattoo ink it is “ad oculos” or self-evident,that if it’s not safe to be applied to the surface of the skin, it is not safe to embed the substance in the skin.
Lline semi-permanent center will give you confident and beauty for no make up face.

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