Lips microblading

This semi-permanent makeup treatment brings colour to your lips. You can opt for a full lip colour, this highlights the outline of the lip as well as full block colour to the lips, or a healthy natural-looking blush to your lips, a subtle lip stain that reveals the perfect lip shape with a little added pout. Or just a liner to fade away any imprecations around the lip line. All of those treatments will cover blemishes or irregularities in lip colour and tone, with pinks, corals, reds, oranges ,we have plenty of colour to choose from. We will decide on color choice that best suits client skin tone and current lip color.

Of lips Microblading

  1. 01  Are tired of applying and reapplying lipstick throughout the day
  2. 02 Who always smudging, fading, streaking, and flaking of makeup
  3. 03 Who want to create fuller, more defined lips.
  4. 04 Who want to cover up to sustained burns, scars, or vitiligo

  5. Steps to the microblading process

    Before the procedure

    1. ・Keep your lips moist constantly with Vaseline before your appointment.
    2. ・Let us know if you have any scar around your lips
    3. ・Let us know if you taking any medicine before your treatment.
    4. ・If you "keloid" scar,or other allegic you need to ask our doctor first.

    After the procedure

    1. ・You may apply an ice pack (which must be protected with a wet barrier film of paper toweling, towel or cloth) for 10-minute intervals for the first 48 hours. Ice may be applied every hour or so, if desired. Do not put ice directly on area.
    2. ・Take a antibiotics after lips microblading
    3. ・Avoid underwater swimming and batching for a minimum of 1week to avoid bacterial infection.
    5. ・During the day if lips feel dry, apply a light layer of repair cream
    7. ・Please do not be worried if you lose colour after getting tattoo lips permanent makeup, as you can lose up to 20% ~ 50% the first time.
    8. ・Between 2 days-2 weeks after the treatment the color may appear very pale, dull or light, and you may think the tattoo has been unsuccessful. Be patient. This is normal as the skin heals. The true color will be evident in 4-6 weeks, right around the time for your Touch Up
    9. ・No smoking while lips are healing (3 days minimum).

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